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ALITE Designs

One of the funnest new companies I met at Outdoor Retailer had to be ALITE Designs. The Company's whole modus operandi is to design cool products that make it easier for you to get outdoors and have fun. 

ALITE's first commercially available product is the Monarch Chair. The chair, weighing in at just over a pound, is suspended by a patent pending two legged tent pole system. The idea is that your own legs act as the other two support structures. The further stretched your legs while sitting, the less abdominal strength you have to use. 
Monarch Chair

Two of my favorite ALITE products that are due out in Spring 2010 are the WOOF dog products designed by Nick and the Cloverware utensils. The Boa dog leash includes an integrated and discreet waste bag dispenser with zip pockets for your keys or money. Much better than the huge bone shaped dispenser attached to my dog's leash that I hope not to forget each day. The Cloverware utensils are lightweight, designed to fit inside each other for storage, or connect at both ends to make an extra long stir stick. The graduated spoon design measures for 1/2 tsp up to a 1 TBSP for aid in camp cooking. 

Boa Dog LeashCloverware

Much buzz was generated around the show about the Sexy Hotness sleeping bag that makes it easier to enjoy someone else's company in the backcountry. I am not sure if there are any product reviews out there yet….

ALITE seems to be the Apple or Alessi of the Outdoor industry in terms of the simplicity and sleekness of the messaging, branding and design. I look forward to watching the products that emerge in the future from this talented group of designers. 

Petrice from ALITE demonstrating the Monarch Chair. 
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