XtremeSportsID For Everywhere Identification


I had a fun time meeting the XtremeSportsID team, Bryan Gillam, Bryan Console, and Kyle Mullens, at Outdoor Retailer this week. Bryan Console started the company, along with Bradley Carter, after he was pinned beneath and dragged by a big wave while surfing. Bryan realized he might turn into a John Doe if things got ugly as he carried no identification and left no word of his plans for the morning.

The concept behind XtremeSportsID (XSID) is for an individual to wear a lightweight, weatherproof, durable wristband (much like the prevalent Livestrong bracelets), stamped with a medical alert symbol, a unique 8-digit code, and a toll free number that immediately connects the caller with the wearer's vital information. 

The XtremeSportsID band is great for cyclists, hikers, climbers,runners, children, the elderly or anyone who may not always bring identification with them. In case of an accident, the toll-free number stamped on every band connects the caller to an interactive service that reports the wearer's identification, emergency contact info, medical alerts, allergies, and even primary physician and insurance contacts. 

Wearers can log on to the XtremeSportsID website to update their information and also enable the "Where Am I" notification feature that will email your emergency contacts your itinerary for hiking, cycling, climbing, or other plans for the day. 

The band, including a year service, costs $8.00 initially and $5.00 annually to renew. At this price point, the XSID service is a no brainer. George Hincapie is wearing his XSID in the current Tour De France and the Company recently signed partnerships with the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as with Coastal Surf Supplies.

I believe there are so many possibilities for XSID to expand and I am excited to be wearing my new pink band from now on!


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