Cycle Dog Bike Tube Collars

Cycle Dog Collar

Every year, millions of bike tubes are thrown into landfills. At new Portland, OR company Cycle Dog, they recycle and repurpose these used bike tubes into dog leashes and collars. 

Cycle Dog was started by Lynette Fidrych, who being an avid cyclist, amassed a large amount of deflated tubes over the years. She decided to make leashes out of the tubes for her two yellow labs, which quickly became a favorite among family and friends. With some encouragement, she began also making collars and turned her hobby into a business.

Cycle Dog collars, leashes and apparel can currently be bought from the Cycle Dog website or from a few select pet and bike retailers in Portland. 

It is so great to see innovative companies starting around the idea of creating something new and beautiful from waste. I can't wait to get a pink Cycle Dog collar for my yellow lab Lola!

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