Innegra Fiber Advancing Water Sports


South Carolina based high performance fiber manufacturer Innegrity (Integrity and Innovation) is starting to make a splash in the sporting goods market with their lightweight fiber Innegra. 

Innegra high performance fiber is the lightest fiber available, delivering superior toughness in a composite while reducing weight. The Company has originally been focused on selling Innegra into ballistic and transportation (think Formula One and NASA) applications but the sporting goods world has quickly caught on to the benefit of using such a lightweight fiber with three times the impact resistance of glass fiber. 

Surfboard and Paddleboard builders have started adopting Innegra into their designs.  Resin Research's Greg Loehr believes that "Innegra has the characteristics necessary to become a commercial success in surfboards: it is obviously incredibly tough, has unique flex characteristics, and best of all is the fact it is lighter than glass or resin and even lighter than carbon or Kevlar."

Innegra Surfboard

Click here  to see an Innegra built surfboard run over by a truck.
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