Drymax Socks For Super Dry Feet

Drymax Socks

Announced at this year's Outdoor Retailer, Drymax was one of the six Guides Choice Award winners from the American Alpine Institute for 2009.

Most sport sock manufacturers claim some sort of wicking technology in their socks. While wicking fabric is great in shirts or other garments that are continually exposed to air, it does not help very much inside of a boot.  As little evaporation occurs in the closed environment of footwear, moisture is unable to be wicked away, therefore leaving your foot wet.  

Drymax has devised a proprietary fabric which forces perspiration through the sock and away from the foot. This helps keep the foot dry inside the boot even though it may not exactly help to keep the boot itself dry. Drymax socks use a Moisture Removal System of two different fiber technologies in a dual-layer sock. This construction enables your feet to stay dry while moisture is repeled through the inner Drymax fiber layer and attracted out to the outer fiber layer. 

Drymax Moisture Removal System

Click here to watch a video on Drymax versus Wicking fibers.

Certain socks in the Drymax line also include MicroZap, a silver based antimicrobial additive, infused into the Drymax fibers. Most of Drymax's socks are sport specific, allowing each sock to be tuned to the particular footwear and sporting environment involved. 

I am very eager to try out a pair of Drymax socks as my biggest problem when mountaineering or hiking in general is wet feet. I have tried vapour barrier socks which leave me with trench foot and I still end up with wet socks and boots. I will be ordering a pair of Drymax right away and let you know how it goes!

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