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At Outdoor Retailer today, I met with Pedro Carradinha and Nuno Monge, founders of Ortik.  Based in Portugal, the Company has focused on designing innovative gear for Alpine use and hit the market with their first products a few months ago.  

Ortik's first design was Heat-It, the patented all in one system for improving the efficiency and safety of mountain stoves. Constructed from fire proof fabric, the tall structure sits atop the fuel canister and blocks the flame and stove contents from the wind as well as from the user. The whole thing weighs only 6.2oz and can be compressed down to minimal volume.

Picture 3  

Ortik has also added numerous innovative features to their Jet Stream tent line. The tents have a very balanced structure, ensuring four poles, spaced closely together, are sustaining the wind force in every direction. The added pole straps can be used for pitching the tent in rocky conditions and two toned nylon fabric ensures the tent is shaded in the midday sun but allows for more light in early morning and evening. The internal perimeter shelf for placing small items is a very cool feature as well!

Probably my favorite of their designs is the Tupek.  It is basically a nylon two person bivy, the structure of which is made from your backpacks and trekking poles if you have them. The Tupek can also be hung by three fixation points for use in big wall climbing for example. I can even see this being used as an alternative to a tent for PCT or AT  Through Hikers.

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So if you are at OR right now- go see Pedro and Nuno at Booth #2049!

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