Somnio Customizable Running Shoes


Three years ago, Outdoor Industry veteran Sean Sullivan, started building his own custom made running shoes after he couldn't find any that would enable him to run pain free. 

Sullivan turned to Dr. Andy Pruitt, an athletic trainer at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, for help. Dr. Pruitt tweaked Sullivan's shoes after watching how he ran. After the adjustments, Sullivan was able to run pain free for the first time in ages. 

Sullivan then decided to found Somnio on the principle that running shoes should adapt to the individual runner and improve biomechanics. The Company built a platform of 648 different adjustment combinations per shoe, meaning the left shoe can be configured differently from the right. 

Somnio also patented the fitting device, part of a 5 step fitting process that takes just a few minutes, including the insertion of various components into the shoe. The system is designed to be fitted in a store by one of their trained fitters. Store locations are continually growing even in their first year of operation and can be found here. Worth seeking one out to run pain free if you as me!
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