Celliant Performance Fiber Increases Oxygen Levels


Celliant is a new performance fabric from Hologenix, the makers of Holofiber. Celliant is comprised of a combination of proprietary ingredients blended with polyester fibers, resulting in a material that is clinically proven to enhance the oxygen levels in your body.  By increasing oxygen, Celliant has been shown to relieve pain, promote quicker recovery, improve sleep quality, regulate body temperature and enhance athletic performance. You can read the results of the Celliant pain study here.

The technology behind Celliant is based on the effect that a certain wavelength of light can have on the body and wound healing. Past studies have shown that light can be used to reduce pain, speed healing, increase energy and improve overall wellness. Woven within a polymer fiber, Celliant's proprietary mixture of natural materials create optically active micro-particles which scatter and reflect visible and near infrared light. Products constructed with these fibers are designed to scatter and reflect light and energy onto the underlying tissue and skin.

Celliant is currently available in various Courage Sports products as well as in Xtrerra performance socks.

I am still not sure of the exact difference between Hologenix's Holofiber performance fabric, which was released six years ago, and Celliant. Perhaps this is simply a rebranding exercise since Holofiber doesn't seem to have take off widely in the market?

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