DennoPop Surfboard Paddling Pad


A 25 year old financial advisor, Dennis Crispin, recently invented the DPop paddling pad. Crispin decided one day that he really wanted to go surfing but was tired of paddling the board.  Instead of switching to a Stand Up Paddle board, which required lots of cash, he decided to invent his own chest support device.

Crispin traveled to his local surf shop, bought a traction pad, then proceeded to slice the pad into pieces for the chest area of the deck. Now in commercial production, this small pad, called the DPop, is Velcro'd to the surfboard near the chest, making paddling more comfortable. With the DPop attached, surfers can paddle faster, catch more waves and surf longer without getting tired. 

The patent-pending DPop curves the shape of the deck to match the contour of the chest, letting the surfer's chest become part of the board. Energy that was once used to keep the back arched can now be used in the arms to paddle further and longer. The pad is attached to the deck with Velcro, meaning it can be adjusted according to surf conditions. 

The DPop, along with instructions for install, are available from the Company's website for $19.95.
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