ClamUps Drybag In Your Shorts


For those of you inclined to dive into the surf forgetting that cell phone and wallet in your pocket, new company ClamUps is for you. 

Basically ClamUps makes shorts that are waterproof, dustproof and come with drybag inserts in both side cargo pockets. The pockets are large enough to fit your keys, cell phone, wallet, money, a Clif Bar, etc. The shorts have an easy to open yet secure fly with double drawstrings.

ClamUps are currently available in three different colors (red, gray, blue) for $24.95 through the Company website. I would be interested to know if ClamUps has patented the "drybag in a pocket" concept somehow. Then I can see them teaming up with Vilebrequin, Quiksilver, or other swimming and surf short companies to license the design. The Company used to source their manufacturing.

You can follow ClamUps Pete on Twitter.


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