Klymit Kinetic Noble Gas Vest


Klymit is another great outdoor sports industry start-up to come out of BYU, winning numerous business plan competitions while founder and CEO Nathan Alder was a student at the school. With the help of Funding Universe, the company received initial funding of $320,000 for an 18% stake in the company.

The Kinetic Vest is the first Klymit product to use its breakthrough NobleTek insulation technology. Vest wearers will be able to adjust their level of warmth via the flexible, gas-tight yet breathable chambers filled with argon gas. The gas provides an insulation layer that is warmer, thinner, and lighter weight than other standard insulators. The argon comes in tiny canisters which hook to a special valve system on the Kinetic Vest and lets you adjust the insulation level with the turn of a dial.

Argon is an inert, non-toxic gas with low thermal conductivity, which is cheap and readily available. Even though argon is not the most insulating of all the gases, it is the most practical choice and used widely for dry suit inflation in technical scuba diving.

Adjustable thermal regulation appears to be a focal area for new companies and researchers at the moment. A Norwegian company, Warm Systems AS has recently applied for patents in thermal regulation and battery powered clothing such as that from Dhama is becoming popular as well.

Klymit is looking to build out their Beta Team to help in the ongoing product development process and is preparing to partner with several outdoor gear companies to license the technology, including the Weatherproof Garment Company.

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