Eastern Mountain Sports Teams Up With NuRide

Eastern Mountain Sports NuRide

Eastern Mountain Sports has teamed up with online commuter rewards company NuRide to launch Commuter Consciousness. Free to join and free to use, NuRide is an online community where members are rewarded for using alternative forms of transportation such as carpooling, biking, telecommuting or public transport. The site is supported by sponsors, such as Bike Barn, who reward members for reducing global warming, traffic congestion and energy consumption. 

To participate in the program, commuters simply sign up on the NuRide website and record their commuting trips. Users earn points for every trip recorded, which can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards including discounts on purchases from Eastern Mountain Sports. NuRide is currently available only in Texas and various East Coast cities. 

"Eastern Mountain Sports has long been committed to preserving and protecting the places we love to play through our Future Consciousness campaign," said Scott Barrett, Eastern Mountain Sports CMO, "Commuter Consciousness enables us to take our conservation efforts a step further by encouraging commuters to change the way they get to work."

If you already bike commute or are even thinking about it, signing up for NuRide seems an easy, free way to earn discounts on all that new gear you want! 
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