GearPods Ready Made Adventure Kits


New Montana company GearPods, has come up with a modular, durable, lightweight adventure gear kit and organizational system. The GearPods Connect line represents a new approach to organizing and packing gear. Flexible, easy to stuff containers can be combined in various ways to help you build separate kits and organize gear on the fly. Made from durable polycarbonate, the watertight tubes easily screw together via varying connector options and are the same width as a water bottle. 

The GearPods Adventure Series pre-made gear kits cover everything from the backcountry essentials such as cooking and shelter to first aid and survival. "GearPods provide the best of both worlds-highly compact yet capable adventure gear but without the weight and bulk you would associate with traditional backcountry gear. With GearPods you can successfully balance the desire to go lightweight with the need to stay prepared and safe," says GearPods CEO James Davies. 

GearPods Wilderness Kit

GearPods Adventure Series kits range from $17.95 for a single kit up to $169.95 for a complete set. All GearPods products are currently available via the online store at

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