Contortionist Collapsible Bike


UK Industrial designer Dominic Hargreaves invented the Contortionist collapsible bike for his final show at the Royal College of Art in London. The bike has been shortlisted for the James Dyson Award (winner announced Sep 7) and Dominic is now in talks with three German car manufacturers to produce the bike. 

Unlike other folding bikes, the Contortionist includes full size 26 inch wheels and a full size aluminum frame that collapses into the circumference of its wheels. Pivots within the frame as well as a lockable universal joint in the front fork enable the frame to roll up rather than fold. A pullout handlebar section allows you to pull the collapsed bike by its intact wheels rather than be forced to carry the bundle. 


During his study at RCA, Dominic invented some other cool products such as the bike parking device for which he won an award. A bike cradle is secured to any wall and attached to an electronic hoist, which lowers to the ground when triggered by the owner's remote control. Dominic also invented a backpack turned scooter unit called the Transporter.

via Core77.

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