FitFlop Workout While You Walk


The "it" shoe of the summer in the UK, new British footwear company FitFlop is now set to take North America by storm. The company was founded two years ago by Marcia Kilgore, the woman behind the Bliss Spa brand, together with Dr. David Cook from London's South Bank University

Similar to the MBTs, FitFlop sandals have a mid footbed made of a soft, wide section of EVA that creates a slightly unstable platform for the foot, mimicking barefoot walking. The instability forces the muscles in your leg and foot to work harder to ensure balance, giving you a mini workout while you walk. The heel strike area of the FitFlop midsole is made of high density EVA to absorb shock and speed the foot into the softer, less stable mid-footbed. The mid density toe cap section provides a firmer area for toe push off and faster step speed. 

Preliminary findings in a study from Salford University in Manchester suggest that the FitFlop design enable ground forces to travel safely behind the knee joint and directly through the pelvis when you walk. This improved alignment supposedly helps to reduce lower back pain. 

FitFlops can be bought online from Amazon, Macy's, Bath & Bodyworks among others. 

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