Fanbase The Wikipedia Of Sports


Internet company Fanbase aims to be the web's largest almanac of pro and college athletes, built entirely by fans. Similar to Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database, the Fanbase platform is entirely user-driven. Anyone can contribute by submitting or editing player and team pages, as well as adding rich content such as photos, videos, articles and trivia. 

Right now the site contains information mainly from traditional team sports like baseball and basketball but plans to include individual sports like golf and even more obscure ones in the future. The site currently contains information on 21,000 teams and more than 1.73 million athletes.

The Company's long term goal is to be the definitive source of information on all athletes, professional and amateur, no matter the sport. So log on and start adding your favorite athlete or sport- Ice climbing? Mountaineering? Surfing? Rock Climbing? Cycling?

 One of the founders and CEO of Fanbase in ex-Epinions founder Nirav Tolia. The Company has so far received $5 million in funding from Benchmark Capital. 

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