Fidlock Magnetic Fasteners

Fidlock Slider

German company Fidlock, designs fasteners that use magnetic attraction and repulsion to create closure and coupler systems.  Fidlock was founded in 2007 to commercialize the patented magnetic closure technology of Joachim Fiedler. Financed by the High Tech Gruenderfonds, the Company initially released the Big Turn twist buckle which was a Silver Award Winner at the OutDoor Show 2007 in Friedrichshafen and a finalist in the ISPO BrandNew contest for 2008.

Fidlock has since released the Mini Turn, a smaller version of the Big Turn, and most recently the Slider-a slide release buckle (pictured above). In contrast to existing magnetic buttons, the Fidlock fasteners can be shut securely and are safe to use with magnetic sensitive items such as credit cards. 

The technology is based on neodymium magnets that are about ten times as strong as a regular kitchen magnet. The Fidlock closures not only use the attraction but also the repulsion of magnets, which leads to a robust closure with high locking strength that can nonetheless be easily opened with one hand. 

So far the Fidlock closure can be found on various Tatonka bags. 

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