Loopbag Urban Bag Line

Laptop Bag International

Israeli company Laptop Bag International, has developed a unique line of laptop bags. From backpacks to messengers, all the Loopbags are based on a variety of the Total Opening Frame.  

Designed by French designer Romain Vauchez, the looped zipper composition of the Total Opening Frame enables you to open the bag completely, creating easy access to all the contents inside. 

Loopbag    Loopbag

The bags are made of Airguard Nylon which makes them light, durable and waterproof. The Loopbag received the APLF Awards for Innovation when the design was originally released at the end of 2006. 

"Urban" seems to be the hot topic of the moment with many manufacturers from packs and apparel to bicycles are planning to launch an urban line of some sort. CiloGear will be launching their urban pack line next year and Mountain Hardware is coming out with an urban apparel line. 
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