Crazy Shirts Recycled Plastic Bottle Board Shorts

Crazy Shirts

The latest trend in clothing is using fabric made out of recycled PET bottles with Patagonia and REI blazing the trail. Following suit, Hawaiian company Crazy Shirts has just launched their Eco Board Short collection. Made with recycled plastic bottles, the synthetic material is converted into 100 percent polyester PET microfiber. 

Each Eco Board Short is made from roughly seven 16-oz bottles. The resulting lightweight, quick-drying material also features Crazy Shirts HydroPrint technology, which reveals a different pattern when it gets wet. 

"Crazy Shirts has always been committed to preserving our planet, from our use of water-soluble inks to our naturally cooled Hawaii manufacturing plant and our pioneering use of LED lighting in our retail locations. The Eco line was a natural, no pun intended, extension for Crazy Shirts," said Mark Hollander, President and CEO of Crazy Shirts. 

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