Skate2Ride Snowboard Binding Device With AI

Go2Sports Inc

Go2Sports, Inc. is going to pay snowboarders to show of their new product Skate2Ride on the slopes this winter. The Skate2Ride is a revolutionary snowboard binding device using Artificial Intelligence (AI).  I am assuming that the Skate2Ride product was originally called the AutoSpin2 or a version thereof and is now being launched with a big promotion.  

The binding device enables the snowboarder to mount with the front foot in the forward position, then, with a push of the kick-release lever, adjust the foot to a sideways ride stance. A forward foot position makes it easier to get on and off chairlifts as well as speed skate. 

The multiply patented binding device enables snowboarders to ride and skate freely, switching foot positions very much like skateboarders can today. The device easily adapts and works with any board and binding combination. Once the AI module is programmed, the foot adjustment is virtually automatic. 

Go2Sports has now budgeted $1.8 million for payments of $1000-$3000 to recreational snowboarders to ride the product on their local slopes this Winter season. To find these snowboarders, the Company will host a free webinar on September 10th. Anyone interested can register for the webinar at and learn how to become a Skate2Ride boarder. Not a bad way to cover the cost of a snowboarding season and try out some cool new technology in the process!
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