Hydrapak Purebot Complete EA Free Bottle


With all the recent BPA controversy, Hydrapak has teamed up with PlastiPure to bring to market Purebot, the first reusable plastic water bottle completely free of estrogenic activity (EA).  The current industry focus is on BPA and phthalates but these are only two of hundreds of chemicals that can leach from plastics and cause estrogenic activity, which is a common and serious form of endocrine disruption. 

The Purebot water bottle has been certified as a PlastiPure-Safe-EA-Free product. Over the last nine years, PlastiPure has spent millions of dollars to develop exclusive patents, methods and data covering material formulation, manufacturing, processing, testing and certification of safe plastics. The EA-Free products go beyond BPA-free and phthalate-free, instead formulated specifically to contain no chemicals at all that cause EA.  

For those of you confused about which bottles contain BPA, Treehugger has compiled a list of BPA bottles. Camelbak has also launched the Steel of a Deal contest that enables you to recycle your aluminum BPA lined bottle and receive a Camelbak stainless steel Better Bottle in return. 

The Purebot can be bought from the Hydrapak website or various retail outlets. 

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