Nutrixxion Sports Energy Supplements


German company Nutrixxion is the newest entrant to the very crowded sports energy supplement market.  Founded by a team of sports nutrition experts, the Company is trying to position their brand as a premium, high quality product. 

The initial Nutrixxion product categories include endurance/peptid drinks, gels, energy bars and an L-Carnitine chewable tablet.  The main differentiators in Nutrixxion products are the use of Isomaltulose and BCAA. Isomaltulose is extracted from beet sugar but breaks down slowly, over a longer period of time than most other sugars. BCAA are amino acids that form about a third of the human skeletal muscles and are used directly in the muscle as a source of energy. BCAA can also influence serotonin level and decrease fatigue. The L-Carnitine chewable tablets supposedly help in the process of burning fat for energy. 

The Company sponsors three cycling teams– one Pro, one Womens and one 4Fun as they call it. The various supplements and Nutrixxion cycling gear are currently available from the online shop. 

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