Go Anytime, Anywhere With Pocket Waste Bags


Already well known in the mountains for the ubiquitous Wag Bag and in Military circles for their various portable sanitation solutions, Phillips Environmental Solutions is preparing to launch an everyday, everywhere, bathroom on the go solution- the Pee-Wee. 

The so called personal embarrassment prevention pouch will be constructed the same way as the Wag Bag with the zip closure, pre-loaded Poo Powder and landfill approved packaging. I can see this being used by parents for their kids on long car trips or maybe teenagers at one of the various summer festivals. Not sure about other outdoor environments as you wouldn't use this and a Wag Bag in combo- though maybe for Big Wall climbing? Or during sports events where they may not have facilities?

I met CEO Mike Hetherington at OR this summer and he told me about their plans. Apparently there will also be a She-Wee version with integrated Female Urination Device for those of you girls that don't own a GoGirl already (you should!).  Phillips Environmental Products is also in the process of rebranding as Cleanwaste with a new website in the works too so stay tuned. 


Another not so subtle option from Germany is the Ladybag for women above and the Roadbag for men. Same concept really, different packaging. If anything I have to laugh at the German couch potato used in their advertising campaign. Beware- the advert is in German (and kind of strange) but you will get the gist anyway. 

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