Power Your Gadgets While Cycling

Winner of the Eurobike Green Award this year, the E-WERK from Busch & Muller allows cyclists to generate power for gadgets such as cell phones and MP3 players while they ride. Connected to the dynamo hub, the E-WERK will process energy for the lights but also other accessories through the two connection cables. A standard USB connector is included as well as a variety of other plug options to fit any device. The related Universal Cockpit Adapter accessory enables riders to display and store their devices securely on the handlebars. 


Dahon released their BioLogic FreeCharge at Eurobike as well. Also capturing electricity from the dynamo hub, the FreeCharge stores up the electricity generated in a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery, enabling riders to power their chosen device at anytime, not just while on the bike. The battery seems to be a much more useful feature (though there are issues about the safety of LiPo batteries) and a suggested retail of $99 for the FreeCharge versus $200 for the E-WERK makes me think the Dahon will win out. Though maybe not for the super techies out there…  

Watch Josh from Dahon talk about the BioLogic FreeCharge here.
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