Dahon Pango Folding Helmet

Dahon Pagon Folding Helmet

From Dahon, the makers of folding bikes, comes the new folding Pango helmet, launched last week at Eurobike. Named after a pangolin, an armadillo like creature that folds up into a ball when threatened, the Pango folds to 50% the size of a regular helmet. 

The design and even folding technique is very similar to German brand Edelrid's folding Madillo climbing helmet, which came out two years ago. The reason for this is that both the Madillo and Pango were designed by French company Pulsium. Pulsium owns the Beetle patent that relates to the structure of a helmet that is foldable in four parts. As in the Madillo, the side shells of the Pango slide up into the top panel of the helmet and the back panel folds under. Notice that both helmets are even named after the same type of animal!

Since Pulsium has patented its invention, The Company has licensed it to the Vaude Group for use by Edelrid and now Dahon, managing the process from technical development through to production. The Pango received an IF Design Award at Eurobike much like the Madillo won the Gold Outdoor Industry Award in 2007. 

Watch Matt Davis from Dahon demo the Pango helmet in their Facebook video here

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