Hoo Ha Ride Glide

Hoo Ha Ride Glide

All you men have plenty of chamois cream to choose from, now there is finally one made by women for women. Friends and triathletes, Jena Schuster and Laurie Mellott, finally decided they had enough of using their husbands' chamois cream. After a fruitless search for women specific products, the pair founded Reflect Sports and launched their own anti-chaffing skin cream product Hoo Ha Ride Glide.   

Their original skin and chamois cream is specially formulated for women and protects your most girlie parts from chaffing, friction burns, irritation, inflammation and saddle sores. Hoo Ha Ride Glide contains all natural ingredients, is sulfate free and can be used anywhere on the skin that chaffing occurs. 

Keeping on the triathlon theme, the Company also launched their own hair care line, Reflect H2O, to protect hair from the sun or damage form frequent swimming. Reflect H20 Swim Shampoo is formulated to prevent green hair, remove chlorine, salt or other impurities without stripping hair color. The Swim Conditioner adds moisture and strengthens hair while the Pre-Swim & Sun Protecting Gel helps protect your hair from the sun's harsh rays or salt and chlorine in the water before you go out.

All Reflect Sports products can be purchased directly from their website. 
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