The DashBike Stair Climber Pedal Motion

The DashBike

The DashBike is the latest creation from Atlanta based Land Surf,Inc., makers of the Pumgo Scooter. The DashBike has a unique, less than 180 degree pedal motion, similar to that of a stair climber, allowing you to obtain maximum driving force with each push. 

The distinct pedal motion propels you to ride longer in a standing position and reduces the stress on your knees and lower back compared to regular 360 degree pedal motion. Riding the DashBike gives you a great whole body workout, stretching your back and strengthening your core and leg muscles. The DashBike can easily be converted into an indoor fitness machine for those rainy days using a standard bike trainer.

I don't think the DashBike is going to replace regular cycling anytime soon, but it's a fun ride and a fantastic leg workout. I would much rather ride the DashBike around the lake or up hills outside than sit on a stair climber in a gym. I can even see wearing a 60lb pack and riding the DashBike for some mountain climbing training!

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