In Bottle Filtration Systems


In bottle filtration systems appear to be the next big thing for water bottle manufacturers. I met with the President/CEO of EcoUsable, Joey Mendelsohn, at Outdoor Retailer this summer. EcoUsable has come out with the Ech2o Filtered Water Bottle line. The stainless steel bottle comes in 18oz and 25oz sizes with an integrated Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration system built into the top. This patented filtration system reduces up to 99.99% of aesthetic, biological, chemical and dissolved solid contaminants in water. Each filter can process up to 100 gallons (378  liters) of water and replacement filters can be bought to extend the life of the original EcoUsable bottle. 

Katadyn MyBottle

Katadyn recently announced their MyBottle with integrated three-stage water filter, improving upon their earlier Micro Microfilter bottle. The MyBottle is capable of supplying 0.2 liters of drinking water per minute and will last for up to 155 bottle fillings. The filter eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria and protozoa while improving the taste of the water. 

Camelbak All Clear Water Purifier

One of the product releases I am excited about is the Camelbak All Clear water purifier announced at OR and coming out in October.  Using the same UV water purification principle as the SteriPEN, the integrated UV light bulb kills up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants and will last for more than 8000 cycles. A button on the cap illuminates the UV light and a small LCD panel alerts you when the purifying process is complete, after about 80 seconds. The All Clear requires two 3.0V lithium batteries which should last for about 80 purification cycles. 

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