Biomimicry Innovation From Finisterre

Finisterre Biomimicry Innovation

UK Outdoor company Finisterre's mission is to make the best technical apparel with minimal environmental impact. The Company was founded by Tom Kay in 2002, after he sensed a total lack of innovation and regard for the environment in product development at the time. Headquartered in St. Agnes, Cornwall, home to some of the finest surfing beaches in the UK, Finisterre actually started by designing technical clothing for surfers. Their products have quickly since gained mass appeal to a wider outdoor audience. 

Recently, Finisterre has been making an name for themselves in biomimicry innovation. Looking to nature to see how animals stay warm and dry, the design team employed biomimicry innovation in developing the Finisterre Nappa Lining. Utilized in this season's Humboldt and Storm Track jacket lines, the Nappa Lining mimics the structure of otter fur. The outer jacket shells are made of Pertex, a waterproof and breathable 100% recycled polyester fabric. 

"A lot of what nature does is awe-inspiring, so we try to use it in the way we make clothing. After lots of research with academics at Bath University, we have been able to manufacture the Nappa lining," said Finisterre Director of Marketing Ernest Capbert. "The lining has multiple layers that work to keep heat close to the body while wicking away moisture."

Finisterre prides itself on sustainability and traceability in design and manufacturing. In 2007 the Company pulled production out of China and moved it to the UK and Portugal. In order to have total control over the supply of their base layer wool, Finisterre soon plans to breed and raise their own sheep in the UK. Hows that for traceability! 

Check out the Finisterre website to order products and also watch some cool videos about the detailed features on their various jacket or base layer lines. 

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