Reuse Bike Inner Tube With IT-Clips

IT-Clips bike inner tube

Boulder, Colorado company IT-Clips offers an environmentally friendly means of re-purposing your old bike inner tube as a tie down or bungee cord. Adding a set of IT-Clips to a bike inner tube is simple. Simply cut the tube, thread it through the clips as you would a strap through a buckle, and latch the clips together. 

IT-Clips, coupled with an old bike inner tube, can be cut or chained together to present a virtually unlimited array of re-use scenarios. IT-Clips can be used for attaching sleeping bags to backpacks, securing pant legs while cycling, tie skis together, or securing a bike or bike wheel to a car rack. A version of IT-Clips, IT-Hooks, can be attached to the bike inner tube for use in similar applications to a bungee cord. 


Millions of bike tubes are sold each year, which corresponds to millions of tubes being discarded in landfills. Some tubes are thankfully being recycled into other consumer goods such as the cool Cycle Dog bike inner tube collars or the stylish Italian Jiro-Belt, but the IT-Clips solution takes away numerous, unnecessary, post consumer steps for use in simple tie-down applications. I even saw some guys walking around Interbike proudly wearing their bike inner tube with IT-Clips as a belt. I can see the IT-Clips belt becoming a must have fashion accessory for the hip Mission Fixie set in San Francisco. 

IT-Clips are available in four colors: red, green, yellow and blue. The IT-Clips and IT-Hooks can currently be bought online at REI for $4.50 and $5 respectively. 

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