Vaude Sleeping Bags With Wood Pulp Fiber

Vaude Blue Beech Eco wood pulp fiber sleeping bag

Winner of the 2009 OutDoor Industry Award, the Vaude Blue Beech Eco sleeping bag line is made completely from sustainable materials including wood pulp fiber. In 2010, Vaude will release three new sleeping bag models, for both adults and children, that will be bluesign certified, meeting the highest eco-friendly and skin-friendly standards. The fill used in the bags will include a combination of a natural wood pulp fiber called Tencel and recycled polyester microfiber. 

Tencel is a wood pulp fiber that is 100% biodegradable. Tencel is great at absorbing excess liquid and quickly releasing it into the atmosphere, helping to regulate temperature and reduce bacterial growth. The extremely smooth surface of the wood pulp fiber feels soft against the skin and has an even smoother, more supple texture than wool or cotton. 

The combination of Tencel with the recycled polyester microfiber creates a perfect sleeping environment for people with sensitive skin or allergies.  Wood pulp fiber Tencel is made by an Austrian company called Lenzig Fibers and is now becoming a very popular textile for children's clothing.

Vaude has always been at the forefront of environmental protection. They were the first European outdoor industry company to receive the European Union's EMAS registration.  The Company takes a holistic approach to environmental strategy with a focus on each of their product's full life cycle. The awareness begins in the development and production phases, includes how the product is utilized, and continues on to the recycling of their products (they can recycle 100% of the Ecolog clothing line). 

via Treehugger

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