Campfire In A Can

Campfire In A Can make portable campfires, both propane campfires and traditional wood burning campfires. The unique design allows the fires to be quickly and safely extinguished. The Campfire In A Can outdoor campfires are lightweight and easily portable, perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Campfire In A Can

I met Nicole Mahon, President of Campfire In A Can, at Blogworld Expo yesterday. It was great to talk to her about all the things the Company is doing with social media to develop the vision behind the brand. Campfire In A Can actively promotes fun bloggers in relevant industries, like photographer Sandi Wheaton who is currently driving the entire stretch of Route 66.

Campfire In A Can makes portable campfires, both propane campfires and wood burning outdoor campfires. The GasCan is the propane campfire unit that is CSA approved to 64,000 BTU's. This propane campfire comes complete with log set for an authentic wood burning campfire appearance and weighs just under 15 pounds. The GasCan also comes with a detachable cooking grate to turn the propane campfire into a grill. 

The Traditional outdoor campfire burns wood, charcoal and manufactured firelogs, each one crafted to produce a roaring campfire. The Traditional Campfire In A Can can be turned into a barbecue with the campfire cooking kit.  The unique canister and base design allows the fire to be quickly and safely extinguished simply by placing the canister over the base. Once the canister is snapped down, the fire goes out and no smoke or debris can blow around. 

Both the propane campfire and wood burning campfire are efficient, reusable fire pits that are easy to use, easy to store, safe and environmentally friendly. I can see using Campfire In A Can for car camping or other outdoor adventures where weight and bulk are not a huge issue. Canoeing perhaps?  Or even just for use outside or at the beach in place of a huge grill. 

Campfire In A Can products can be bought from their website. The Company also created a YouTube channel with a bunch of videos on their products but by far my favorite has to be this testimonial:

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