Extreme Dream Climbing Holds

Legendary Scottish climber Scott Muir recently opened Extreme Dream climbing wall in Aviemore and started to develop his own line of climbing holds for rock climbing and bouldering. The climbing holds mimic real rock conditions, making them a more effective training tool for use on indoor rock walls.

Extreme Dream Climbing Holds

Legendary Scottish climber Scott Muir settled down in Aviemore a few years ago and opened a local climbing gym called Extreme Dream. Not satisfied with the performance of available climbing holds, Scott's team decided to build their own line of rock climbing and bouldering holds for use on the Extreme Dream indoor rock walls and to sell to other climbing gyms. The Dream Climbing Hold series was born. 

With the goal of making indoor climbing more training effective, Scott set out to design climbing holds that mimic real rock characteristics. The development team worked relentlessly to find the perfect composite mix to showcase the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of various rock types such as granite, sandstone, basalt and gritstone. Climbers will find these unique climbing holds tricky, wearing, technical, awkward, and varied in friction or finger combination, leading to better preparation for climbing outdoors on real rock conditions.

Extreme Dream designed some innovative safety features into their climbing holds such as the SMARTr dynamic dampening system, which helps resist premature loosening and absorb loads exerted through tightening. The BREAKr anti-explosion system anchors holds together if they split. Every one of the climbing holds also comes with the ANTIr anti-rotation system. 

The Dream Climbing Holds, as well as volumes, fixings and other accessories, can currently be bought directly from the Extreme Dream online shop. I would love to hear from anyone that has climbed on these and comment on what they think!

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