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Preview: Petzl Climbing Hardware For 2017

GriGri +

At Outdoor Retailer last week, I had the opportunity to check out some new climbing gear from Petzl. The brand gets set to release a handful of new hardware in which both ice climbers and rock climbers will be interested. The ice specific gear comes out in January, while the more rock specific items will hit shelves in April.

zlagboard smart hangboard

Zlagboard – A Smart Hangboard

zlagboard smart hangboard

Unless you are Chris Sharma or Sasha DiGiulian, almost every climber could use a bit more strength. For rock climbers in particular, finger strength is especially useful and can help compensate for other technical weaknesses. Most climbers turn to the tried and tested hangboard method for training sport-specific grip strength but how do you know you are actually improving?

Edelrid Rock Climbing Gear Review

Edelrid climbing

German company Edelrid has been making ropes for over 150 years; now pumping out millions of meters of bluesign certified climbing rope each year. Synonymous with quality and innovative design, Edelrid has gradually expanded their offering to provide almost any gear a climber might need, from helmets and harnesses to belay devices and even ice tools. 

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