Edelrid Rock Climbing Gear Review

Edelrid climbing

German company Edelrid has been making ropes for over 150 years; now pumping out millions of meters of bluesign certified climbing rope each year. Synonymous with quality and innovative design, Edelrid has gradually expanded their offering to provide almost any gear a climber might need, from helmets and harnesses to belay devices and even ice tools. 

The Edelrid range of harnesses spans from ultra-light performance models to classic all-rounders for both men and women. Lightweight and ease of use is the name of the game for the Lilou harness I have been wearing at the climbing gym. A special lamination technique used on the waistbelt and leg loops distributes weight, tension, and pressure evenly throughout the harness, making foam padding unnecessary for comfort, while cutting out a bunch of weight and bulk at the same time. 

Edelrid Lilou climbing harness

With only a single 20mm buckle at the waist, the Lilou harness is not only quick and easy to get on and off, but gives you less points to worry about checking before every pitch. Anatomically formed leg loops with long elastic fitting straps create a snug, custom fit on your thighs. 

Smart Edelrid design features include the Hytrel lined tie-in loop to protect against fabric on fabric abrasion, extending the life of your harness. Four rigid gear loops provide ample space for racking gear and clipping your quickdraws. 

All you sport and even trad climbers out there will love the light, no frills Lilou harness.

Edelrid Lilou climbing harness

Back in 2010, Edelrid added rock climbing shoes to their product lineup. In order to get the form and function right from the start, the company involved an ex-La Sportiva designer to help create the line.

The Tornado is one of Edelrid's top models aimed at intermediate to advanced climbers who are looking for an all around performance climbing shoe with added comfort. Two Velcro closure straps can be slid up and down the length of the shoe and secured anywhere on the large Velcro patch for extra control and a custom fit.  

The Tornado is
not a super aggressive downturned shoe, contributing to the comfort level, but still has a very asymmetrical design for pushing weight over your big
toe. The top Edelrid models are soled with 4mm of Vibram XS-Grip rubber,
extremely sticky stuff. I had utmost confidence in my feet, whether edging
on tiny nubs or smearing on slab. 

I found Edelrid climbing shoes fit very similar to Five Ten performance oriented climbing shoes. The Sierra Trading Post website suggests you order a size up and I would highly recommend it, depending on how much toe scrunch you like to endure. One size up still gives me enough big toe pain to the point where I like to remove my shoes between climbs. I would not depend on much stretch over time due to the large rubber rand coverage. 

Edelrid Tornado climbing shoes

The Edelrid Tornado makes a great performance oriented shoe for short climbing bursts whether outside on rock or inside at the gym. I probably wouldn't take these climbing shoes on a long multi-pitch, however, as they just don't have that all day comfort. 

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