A World Map of Top Climbing Spots

Climbing Map

The holiday season is fast approaching, evidenced by the pumpkin-spice-fill-in-the-blank popping up almost everywhere. For many people, the holidays mean gift giving, which cab be stressful. But don’t worry — we have already checked one off for you. For the climber on your list, we can guarantee they will absolutely love this world Climbing Map by Awesome Maps.

The Climbing Map is an illustrated map of the best climbing areas across the globe, highlighting the type of climbing in famous spots such as the trad and sport climbing at the Red River Gorge and Frankenjura, bouldering in Fontainebleau, deep water soloing on Majorca, and the most scenic crags in Yangshuo, China. The map includes over 300 climbing areas and crags, information on climbing types, number of routes, heights and levels.

While the map itself is super cool to hang on your way and daydream about your next climbing trip, Awesome Maps added a whiteboard coating that not only makes the colors pop, but also lets you customize the map by highlighting your favorite spots, making a checklist of past destinations or planning your next adventure.

To create the Climbing Map, the company teamed up with website theCrag.com – a rock climbing and bouldering platform. On the site, you can find climbing areas, tick and analyze your climbs, create topos and maps, track your progress and stay up-to-date on your favorite crags.

The Climbing Map is available in two styles — a high quality paper print (38″ x 22″) with the whiteboard coating for $35, or a museum quality jumbo canvas print (59″ x 35″) for $140. With the canvas print, you get a paper version for free. I know which one I would love to hang on my wall — the canvas print of course.

So there you are, one holiday gift — sorted. You’re welcome.

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