Training Grips for Both Rock and Alpine Climbing


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Norwegian company Tindeq gets set to release Duck Rings to the world. These lightweight, wooden grips can be used to strength train for everything from rock climbing to technical ice climbing.

Duck Grips are designed with a variety of grip choices, allowing you to train almost any grip position you would use when climbing on real rock — jug grip, pinch grip, one finger, crimp ledge, and open grip. They are also designed to mimic your grip on ice tools so you can cut down on that chance of early season forearm pump. By simply retying and adjusting the loop position, the angle of the Duck Grips can be adapted to the specific type of grip you are trying to train — see image below.

grip positions

The training grips are designed to be self stabilizing. This means the more load you apply, the more stable it gets. This even allows you to crimp on the very edge of the flat grip.

Made out of high quality plywood, Duck Grips are incredibly strong yet lightweight – the grips weigh in at only 300 grams (10 oz.) for a pair. The wood absorbs moisture from your hands as you workout so you don’t have to use any climbing chalk.

With the functionality of a hang-board and the size of a gym ring, use Duck Rings as a warm-up tool at the crag, or bring them when traveling. They can be permanently installed at home using pig tail hooks or if you want to take them on the road, bring a couple of slings and carabiners to safely attach them to a tree branch or other suitable anchor points.

A pair of Duck Grips retail for $70 and are available to order from the company website.

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