Fun Yet Functional Bike Commuter Wear

commute wear

Now that the major rains have stopped, I am trying to use my bike more to commute around Marin as well as into the city. As I don’t want to rock up to meetings wearing full spandex, I sought out some pieces that not only look professional, but also offer the performance (mainly sweat wicking) I have come to expect from bike clothes. Here are a couple of my go-to fun yet functional bike commute outfits.

Club Ride Plaid Shirt: Everyone in the outdoor industry owns a plaid shirt (or 5), so this falls in the classic attire category. Club Ride offers a fabulous selection of plaid shirts that are made from technical, moisture-wicking fabrics with details such as vent underarm panels and reflective hits. I even plan to mountain bike in this shirt during the summer.

Arc’teryx A2B Hardshell Blazer: While the men have long had technical blazers from Arc’teryx, the women finally get their own this spring. Made from 3-layer Gore-Tex with a C-Knit backer, the jacket feels great next to your skin. If it should start to rain, the lapels automatically channel water down and away from getting inside your jacket.

Nau Riding Blazer: With more of a boxy, cropped blazer look, this jacket is no less technical. Made from a water- and wind-resistant soft shell fabric, the blazer three drop in pockets and one back zip pocket that hides a strip of reflective tape you can remove when riding. When hunched over your bike, the lapel design lets any light rain run right off.

Nau Repose 3/4 Shirt: This is just a cute shirt that is made from moisture wicking fabric with a long drop tail that keeps you covered while riding.

Dish & DUER Jeans: These are not your ordinary jeans. Made from a blend of fibers including COOLMAX, these jeans are stretchy, 30% lighter and stronger than regular denim jeans, and instantly evaporate any moisture buildup to help keep you comfortable. Add and silver ion microbial treatment to cut down on any stinky, and they are a bike commuter/dirtbag climbers dream. The jeans come in a variety of styles — I have been wearing the Relaxed Skinny style which gives you plenty room and stretch when riding. They also make super comfortable travel jeans for when you need to cram in a tiny seat for 12 hours.

My Alibi Bloomers: If you have a rather long commute or just want some extra comfort, throw on a pair of these bloomers — they offer you a small bit of padding without making your butt look big.

And I just heard that DZR just launched a limited edition collection of their Minna shoes that would go perfect with both of these outfits.

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