Zlagboard – A Smart Hangboard

zlagboard smart hangboard

Unless you are Chris Sharma or Sasha DiGiulian, almost every climber could use a bit more strength. For rock climbers in particular, finger strength is especially useful and can help compensate for other technical weaknesses. Most climbers turn to the tried and tested hangboard method for training sport-specific grip strength, but how do you know you are actually improving?

The Zlagboard is not your average hangboard. Paired with your smartphone, it enables you to accurately quantify your training results, allowing for steady and predictable increases in load. The app walks you through various training routines, developed by world-class climbers, to improve your grip strength over a matter of weeks.

Through a patented mounting mechanism, the hangboard activates your smartphone sensors and automatically controls the training plans of the app. With an extremely precise hangtime measurement, you can measure your power and strength level in order to continually improve and quantify your performance gains.

Share each hangboard session with friends on social media and compare your current grip strength to that of pro-level climbers. Set training goals to help you send that route you have been projecting all summer.

Created by Italian company Vertical Life, the Zlagboard is an extension of the company’s climbing offering. Southern Tirol based Vertical Life sells a collection of sport climbing guidebooks for numerous popular areas across Italy including Arco, the Dolomites, and Sicily, as well as an app where you can access all the climbing beta from your phone.

The Zlagboard is made from pinewood, with a linear and simple design that won’t scream “dirtbag” mounted above one of your doors. The hangboard features standard grip sizes, so a great general training tool for any type of climber or proposed route.

The Zlagboard smart hangboard starts shipping in September. You can pre-order yours now from the company website.

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