Cyqlr Software Community And E-Commerce Builder


Cyqlr software is a web-based software development company that is creating an online platform of tools and applications that will enable brick and mortar bike shops to instantly launch an e-commerce site. The Company was started by Columbus Woodruff II, who previously founded, an online printing service. Columbus is an avid cyclist and wanted to start another software company serving an industry he is passionate about. 

The e-commerce platform, called cyqlshop, is a 100% web based bike shop management solution. Cyqlshop includes a user friendly content management system where shops can create their store offering from a universal catalog of industry bikes, parts, accessories and clothing. Shops can choose from hundreds of customizable and brandable templates to create the look and feel for their online site. The software feeds back site traffic statistics, analytics on what items were viewed or purchased and visitor demographics. The platform even enables the shop to integrate a blog into their site in order to help drive traffic. 

A complementary application called cyqlbuilder, allows visitors to create their own custom bike by choosing brand, frame, wheels and components. As the user builds their bike, the weight and price for each part are calculated, giving them an overall picture of the end result. The bike can then be saved and shared, embedded on other websites or emailed to local bike shops for follow-up.  

In support of the e-commerce business, cyqlr software will launch, an online social network for cyclists. Users will be able to create profiles, post maps of favorite rides, record ride stats, and search for upcoming cycling events. The community will be linked with Facebook and aggregate the latest cycling news and chatter, pictures and videos, and information from local cycling clubs. and the e-commerce platform are scheduled to launch in the Spring 2010. You can sign up to receive an email alert when they are ready at 

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