Relaj Water Bottle For A Safer, Faster Ride

Relaj Water Bottle

Bruce and Becky Bernstein started hydration company Relaj after their son Alex, a serious cyclist, constantly complained about the problems of drinking out of water bottles while riding. Alex was not staying properly hydrated on rides as he would have to sit up and tilt his head back to drink, taking him out of position and his eyes off the road.  

The Bernsteins decided to design a new bottle that would allow a cyclist to simply tip the bottle to drink and not their head. The Relaj bottle shape follows the natural curve of a rider's hand and is made of non-slip, BPA free material. The bottle spout is angled to facilitate liquid flow and a flexible silicone nozzle with bite valve lets the bottle be tipped in any direction while in the rider's mouth.

With a Relaj bottle, cyclists can remain in the optimal riding position while drinking, reducing wind resistance and maintaining speed. The removable bottom and large opening makes adding liquid, ice or nutritional supplements easy as well as facilitates cleaning. A reusable ICycle Ice Stick can be attached to the bottom cover to help the contents remain cold on long rides. 

The Relaj water bottle will be ready to ship on November 15th, and you can pre-order your Relaj today.
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