Memory Map Adventurer 2800 GPS Receiver

Adventurer-2800-Memory Map

UK company Memory Map, well known for their navigation software and digital maps, will launch their own GPS device next month. The Adventurer 2800 features a full color 2.8" touchscreen, is weatherproof and ruggedized and weighs only 135g. The 2GB microSD card comes pre-loaded with selected maps of Britain's National Parks and credit for an extra 10,000 sq km of Ordnance Survey maps. A 50 channel high sensitivity GPS receiver ensures fast lock and remains strong even in wooded areas. 

The enclosed Memory-Map PC software, enables route planning, including journey length, elevation profile and estimated trip time. Maps can be visualized in either 2D or 3D and you can create and save 3D fly through movies of routes and tracks. One of their coolest software products has to be the Historical Series, where the Company has digitized Ordnance Maps of Britain from the 1800s. The historical maps can be compared side by side to modern maps to explore how the landscape has changed. 

Starting November, you will be able to buy the Adventurer 2800 from Cotswoldoutdoor. No word yet on when/if the GPS device will make it Stateside. 



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