The Right Stuff Electrolyte Liquid Concentrate

The Right Stuff Electrolyte Concentrate

Originally developed by NASA to combat the effects of dehydration in astronauts, The Right Stuff electrolyte replacement formula is now commercially available to the public through an exclusive license to Wellness Brands Inc. 

The Right Stuff consists of a patented, highly concentrated blend of electrolytes, including sea salt and sodium citrate. The formula uses all natural flavors, citric acid to help cut saltiness and a small amount of sucralose (Splenda) for sweetness. Single serving, recyclable plastic bottles with twist off tops make it easy to squeeze the contents into any water or drink bottle. 

The most unique thing about The Right Stuff is that it does not contain any caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates or added color. This allows you to control the timing, amount and type of carbohydrate intake. According to NASA, high levels of carbohydrates in other sports drinks have been shown to impede the body's ability to absorb and utilize electrolytes. Therefore, the claim is that The Right Stuff provides an athlete with up to 20% more endurance than water or other carb-containing beverages.  

I look forward to trying this on my next climb. I currently stay away from all supplements such as GU and Gatorade since my body reacts badly to sugar, glucose, fructose and other simple carbs. The Right Stuff may be a good alternative to ensure proper hydration during endurance sports.  

You can currently buy the electrolyte formula through The Right Stuff online store

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