Ardica Portable Power And Heat For Outdoor Adventures

Ardica Mountain Hardware

San Francisco startup Ardica is bringing portable power and heat to Mountain Hardwear jackets. Starting next week, Mountain Hardwear will begin shipping their Refugium jacket for men and Radiance jacket for women that will come pre-wired for the Ardica Moshi system. 

Ardica's Moshi system consists of three lightweight heating elements: one in the mid-back and two on the front midsection of the jacket. Weighing less than a pound, the heating elements can provide almost 9 hours of continuous heat on the lowest setting and up to 3 hours on the highest. A toggle switch built into the left breast of the jacket lets you adjust the intensity of the heat, up to 100 degrees. 

Hidden in the front left jacket pocket, the rechargeable lithium ion battery that powers the heating elements can also be used to power your gadgets. The battery will charge anything that connects via USB and requires less than 10 Watts of power so iPhones, GPS, iPods, etc. 

I saw another lithium ion battery powered apparel heating system from TechNiche at Interbike. The IonGear battery powered heating vest and jackets can supposedly provide continuous heat for up to 12 hours with a high temperature of 158 degrees, but I believe the system weighs much more than Ardica's single pound. 

You can order the Mountain Hardwear jackets online now from Mountain Gear or Backcountry. 

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