Pressure Pak Never Suck Again

Pressure Pak

Winner of last year's Concept to Company contest, Salt Lake company Pressure Pak (previously called Ogwa) has set out to bring value to the outdoor hydration market. 

The Pressure Pak system is an add-on accessory kit consisting of an ultra-lightweight nylon compression bag, hand operated bulb pump and a backboard. Any standard hydration bladder will work with the Pressure Pak system. Simply slip the hydration bladder inside the compression bag and then place the entire system back in your normal hydration pack. With a few pumps of the Pressure Pak bulb pump, pressurized water is forced through the mouthpiece simply by biting, hence the "never suck again" tagline. 

The backboard, a ribbed and curved piece of ABS plastic, keeps the entire system contoured to the curve of the user's back when under pressure. A thumbscrew on the bulb pump enables the user to release pressure from the system in order to remove and refill the bladder. 

Supposedly 6 pumps of the Pressure Pak bulb pump will get you 10 feet of pressurized spray. At this level, normally 1/3 of the water can be drunk before having to pump again. Check out the operation instructions for the Pressure Pak to see more use cases. 

The Pressure Pak systems are currently available online for $29.95 as well as from a few select retailers in Utah, California and even Australia! 

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