RideOut Technologies Carbon Comfort Bike Saddle

Rideout Technologies

RideOut Technologies founder, Jeri Rutherford, had awful seat pain problems while on a cross-state ride, even though she was supposedly riding on one of the best seats on the market. From that day forward, Jeri set out to build the perfect bike seat. Several years and over 50 seat designs later, the Carbon Comfort Saddle was born. 

The Carbon Comfort seat is comprised of four vital parts. Carbon fiber supports in the saddle base absorb and dampen road shock. The thermal molded base plate matches the body autonomy and infused silicon under the sit bones provide extra comfort. The seat is topped with a high tech fiber made from bamboo, which wicks moisture naturally, is anti-microbial and cooler in the sunlight. 

The patented Carbon Comfort saddle design was reverse engineered to assert the least amount of pressure on the perineum. Using advanced carbon infused fibers, the seat design supports and forces you to sit on your sit bones, achieving correct weight distribution. This riding position relieves nerve pressure and increases blood flow in the region, something which normal seats can reduce by up to 70% leading to all sorts of potential health problems.

The seats should be available by Christmas. 


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