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RideOut Technologies founder, Jeri Rutherford, had awful seat pain problems while on a cross-state ride, even though she was supposedly riding on one of the best seats on the market. From that day forward, Jeri set out to build the perfect bike seat. Several years and over 50 seat designs later, the Carbon Comfort Saddle was born. 

The Carbon Comfort seat is comprised of four vital parts. Carbon fiber supports in the saddle base absorb and dampen road shock. The thermal molded base plate matches the body autonomy and infused silicon under the sit bones provide extra comfort. The seat is topped with a high tech fiber made from bamboo, which wicks moisture naturally, is anti-microbial and cooler in the sunlight. 

The patented Carbon Comfort saddle design was reverse engineered to assert the least amount of pressure on the perineum. Using advanced carbon infused fibers, the seat design supports and forces you to sit on your sit bones, achieving correct weight distribution. This riding position relieves nerve pressure and increases blood flow in the region, something which normal seats can reduce by up to 70% leading to all sorts of potential health problems.

The seats should be available by Christmas. 


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  1. I purchased one of the seats, I would have to say it is one of the worst seats I have ever used in my 54 years.
    I am not 150 lbs and have a behind of steel. I am just over 250 and have taken up bike riding to get back in shape. In 3 months I have put 360 miles on my bike. I know that is nothing compared to a full time biker but I am getting there. The bike seat has been the worst part of the whole process. I have tried 5 differnt seats and the RideOut seat was bar none the worst. My last try will be a seat that looks like it was taken off of a tractor

  2. Good to know Wade! Thanks so much for sharing your experience- sorry it was such a bad one.

    Have you checked out the online retailer competitive cyclist? I think they will ship you a whole bunch of different seats you can try out until you find one you really like- then send the rest back. Might be worth giving it a try. I know how awful it is to ride a bike with a seat that hurts!

    Keep up the bike riding- that’s awesome!!!

  3. I bought this seat because I had a bruised tailbone and found I could no longer ride on a regular bike seat. This seat has worked great! It takes a few attempts to get it positioned in the right spot – but once you find that sweet spot, it is great. I have been able to resume bike riding, even though my tailbone is still painful (e.g. sitting in a chair at work hurts, but biking is now comfortable). My only complaint is that it is hard to understand the mounting instructions that come with the seat in terms of correct positioning — particularly with respect to how you are supposed to sit on the seat (which appears to be quite different from a normal seat). The pressure ends up on the front edge of the seat and under you pelvis where your legs connect. A hard concept to describe in instructions I guess.

  4. We at RideOut have found that for most people, when the seat post is lowered and the rider can get into a position that allows them to sit on the sit-bone pads, they love the seat. For some folks it does take a bit of tinkering to find that sweet spot.
    A store manager will that carries the Carbon Comfort stated it best when he said. “This seat does exactly what it claims to do.” It flexes and conforms to the rider. Although I would love to make every customer happy, I can not. So I offer a 30 day “love the comfort or return it guarentee.

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