Rohan Launches New Waterproof Technology Alpine Apparel

Rohan Alpine Apparel with new Waterproof Technology

Following the lead of Eddie Bauer and First Ascent, Rohan is attempting to return to it's mountaineering roots with the launch of their Pinnacle Series men's and women's alpine apparel line.  UK company Rohan has been around for over 35 years. Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler's Everest Team wore the original Rohan alpine apparel on their first oxygen free ascent back in 1978. 

From superfine Merino wool baselayers to new waterproof technology hard shells, the Rohan Pinnacle series offers a complete line of fast and light technical alpine apparel. Rohan claims that their new Barricade waterproof technology makes fabric more waterproof and breathable than other technologies on the market. The Barricade waterproof technology actively diffuses heat and vapor created from body exertion helping the fabric to become more breathable.

Rohan operates a community site called Rohantime. Here you can find some early reviews on the Pinnacle series from mountaineers that have been testing the new alpine apparel line. Rohan will sell the Pinnacle series in their own stores nationwide in the UK and for the rest of the world, in their online store. 

Not quite as spectacular and inspiring a launch as Eddie Bauer and First Ascent but I am excited to see how the Barricade waterproof technology stands up to Gore-Tex or eVent. 

(via outdoorsmagic )

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