Mypressi Portable Espresso Machine For Outdoor Coffee

Mypressi Portable Espresso Machine

For those of you that are “espressoaholics” like me, this portable espresso machine might be another gadget to add to your backcountry gear list. I have previously posted on other outdoor coffee options and the Mypressi portable espresso machine is the latest.  This little portable espresso machine produces perfect shots anywhere, anytime without the need for electricity.

The Mypressi takes either fresh grounds or standard ESE pods and requires no pumping, priming, or compressing to make your perfect cup of outdoor coffee. Instead, the Mypressi portable espresso machine uses standard recyclable 8gm N2O gas cartridges (used in whipped cream cans) to pressurize the shot extraction. These N2O cartridges are readily available online or at almost any quality kitchen goods retailer.  Each gas canister in the portable espresso machine is good for up to 8 single or 4 double shots of espresso.

Similar to the Mypressi is the Handpresso portable espresso machine. If you compare the two, the Mypressi weighs 3 pounds and cost $149. The Handpresso currently costs $98.85, weighs 2 pounds and uses manual labor in place of gas cartridges. Personally for me, the real deciding factor between the two portable espresso machines is going to be in the quality of the espresso itself.

We need a side by side taste off! Or if anyone out there has tried both portable espresso machines, please do share your thoughts.

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