Handground Precision Portable Coffee Grinder

Handground Coffee

While Japanese company Porlexcurrently wears the crown on portable coffee grinders, many companies such as GSI have tried to follow suit–all with their own limitations. We all know that freshly ground beans are the holy grail of backcountry coffee, and a consistent grind is key, something you don’t normally associate with portability. Newcomer Handground hopes to be the answer to consistently good tasting coffee whether traveling, camping, or even backpacking.

So what sets Handground apart from other portable coffee grinders? To start, the 100 gram capacity hopper offers up enough bean space for 5 cups of coffee (as a comparison, the Porlex portable grinder features 30 gram capacity, the mini version at 20 grams). The unique coarseness adjustment ring, modeled after the focus ring on a camera lens, makes it easy to select your desired grind size with just a twist. There are 20 preset coarseness levels set at 125 micron intervals to perfectly match your choice of brewing method.

The 38mm conical burrs are made from densely sintered Alumina ceramic, which has high strength and hardness, temperature stability, and high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The triple mounted stainless steel axle eliminates burr wobble and produces that desired consistent grind.

The top locks shut in order to keep your expensive fair-trade beans from flying out as you grind. The wide base adds an extra level of stability.

The one downside? The Handground portable coffee grinder weighs around double the Porlex grinder and almost triple the GSI Java Mill. But who’s counting grams when you are drinking great coffee each morning.

Handground is currently taking pre-orders of the portable coffee grinder over on Kickstarter–the black color is $55, the silver $75, and the copper $154. The grinder comes with a cool brew magnet that includes recipes and ratios for brewing the perfect cup of joe depending on your brew method.

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