Freshly Ground Pour Over Coffee Anywhere

Cafflano Classic

Freshly ground pour over coffee while backpacking? Yes, please. With an all-in-one design, the Cafflano Klassic enables you to enjoy great tasting coffee pretty much anywhere. Just bring along your favorite beans and add hot water.

We all know that the best way to have great coffee is to grind freshly roasted beans and brew right before you enjoy it. This is not always easy when you are outdoors or even traveling. Until now.

The Cafflano Klassic includes a foldaway conical ceramic burr hand-mill coffee grinder, a 270 ml dripping kettle, etched stainless filter, and drinking tumbler. All of those components are integrated into a single thermos-size unit.

The grinder is durable enough for outdoor use and delivers a consistent grind. You can choose dosages up to 30 grams at a time (a built-in scale indicates 10/15/20/25/30 grams). The beans grind directly into the stainless steel filter, ready for your pour over. Remove the grinder, add your desired dosage of hot water to the dripping kettle then start the pour over process. In minutes, you will have fresh coffee delivered to the tumbler at the base, ready to enjoy.

The  Cafflano Klassic is neither battery-operated nor needs electricity so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down 30 miles into your hike. It’s also eco-friendly with its permanent etched stainless filter instead of using paper filters.

The whole unit weighs only a pound so totally worth throwing in your pack or suitcase. You can buy the Cafflano Klassic portable pour over coffee maker for $103. That may seem a little excessive given you can get a nice Porlex hand grinder for around $50 but there is something to be said for an all-in-one portable unit.

Now if they could just find a way to make nitro iced coffee portable….

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